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Recent advances in machine vision, machine learning, and the associated hardware platforms open up a new world of advanced robotics applications.

HUBOTA is a RAAS (Robotics As A Service) company, delivering net savings to our customers from day one, with zero up front costs.

HUBOTA leverages the latest breakthroughs to make impossible machines a reality. Lets find out what is possible together!

Target Applications

Glazing/Commercial/Marine Cleaning


Clothing Design and Sizing

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Application Feedback

HUBOTA designs the best robotics solutions through direct engagement with all stakeholders of a target industry or application.

Machine Vision

Our robots visualize the problem with the latest machone vision techniques. HUBOTA works with a host of vendors to integrate best in class sensors and methods for highly dynamic environments.


We take speed and efficiency very seriously! Continuous runtime is no excuse for slow execution. Optimal task performance with a high degree of automation is essential for commercial viability.

Cloud Connectivity

Varied application environments generate cross platform data that is used to develop new skills and movements for the applications we serve.

Real Time Monitoring

Task performance can be tracked in real time to determine human touch points and overall net savings.

Domain View

HUBOTA focuses on industries or applications with dynamic problems. The more challenging the environment the higher the labor input costs tend to be.

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